BELD Broadband HomeNet WiFi

BELD Broadband HomeNet wireless service allows everyone in your home to share a single High-Speed Internet connection. If you have more than one computer or want to connect your portable devices (laptops, tablets, eReaders … ), we can make creating a network of those an easy solution.


•  Free installation ($49.95 savings)
•  Free service calls*
•  Free phone assistance
•  No equipment to buy
•  Free equipment replacement
•  Secure protection

 BELD WiFi HomeNet wireless 

Add to your service for just $3.95 a month

Let us help
We’ll supply all the equipment and information you need to configure your secure wireless home network, or you can leave the setup and technical support to a friendly BELD technician.

BELD HomeNet will connect up to 2 WiFi devices (laptops, tablets, eReaders, and PDAs; Smart TVs DVD players, printers, and game consoles not included). No equipment to buy for installation. A BELD technician must install router. Price does not include Internet service. Additional labor and equipment may be needed to connect other devices or extend connectivity beyond the normal reach of the initial wireless device. BELD will make every effort to connect your wireless equipment, but we can’t guarantee all customer-owned equipment will be to connect with our WiFi service. Our HelpDesk suggests you have all the latest drivers installed and your equipment is up to date with the latest device firmware. Wireless cards or adapters are not included. Updating drivers or supporting outdated operating systems not included. Fees and taxes not included, restrictions apply. Advertised speeds are indexed to a wired connection to the cable modem.  Wifi is a convenience service that is shared with all other Wifi-enabled networks and devices in the vicinity – not just your own devices in your home, so speeds can be substantially slower than a wired connection.  Wifi speeds are better when configured for 5.8 Ghz rather than 2.4 Ghz, but it is still a service shared with all other devices and networks in the vicinity.  Wifi should be considered a service that replaces a wire with radio waves for the sake of convenience, but sacrifices speed and performance to achieve that convenience.*Truck roll charges for router or modem issues are included in the month fee (service calls for wiring, phone or video issues will be charged the applicable rate).


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