Cable TV Support

Replace batteriesHere's some quick information on the issues we're asked most often

Program your remote control

We have put together a complete list of all our remote controls with instructions on how to program your remote for your specific TV, Blu-ray, DVD or VCR. If you are still having problems with the remote control working as expected, please give the Help Desk a call 781.348.BELD (2352) and we can walk you through the setup over the phone.

Remote control instruction manuals

How to install your cable box
BELD Broadband offers a couple of different types of cable, HD-DVR, HD-only and non-HD set-top boxes . Please choose your specific BELD Broadband cable box to view a .pdf with instructions.


DCT6200 Pace Box

Basic Cable (DTA) Motorola HD-DVR PACE HD-DVR PACE RNG110  

Parental controls 
BELD Broadband cable boxes come equipped with a parental controls option. If you want to limit what your children watch, you can lock channels by content, rating or by the channel itself. With the Parental Control Lock, you choose which programs can be watched by entering the parental control code you set up. Parental Control also lets you prevent adult titles from displaying on the screen. When using the Lock option, you are still able to watch whatever you want—it just requires you to enter your four-digit PIN code and you can watch the program.

To access this feature:
1. Press the Menu button on your remote twice.
2. Highlight the Parental Control feature on the screen. 
3. Press OK/Select and follow the on-screen instructions.

For more parental control details or instructions, please call us at 781.348.BELD (2353).

For more information about controlling what your child watches, visit the National Cable and Telecommunications Association