Frequently Asked Questions

This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about our BELD Broadband service and setup. Some of the answers may provide links to more detailed information, either from our website or external vendor sites.

If you need to speak with someone you can always call us at 781.348.BELD (2353) or click here to send us a quick email, we always reply within 24 hours of receiving your message.


Why is my Social Security Number and/or driver’s license number required for BELD service?

BELD requires this for billing and security reasons. For any changes that are requested on your services, we need to ensure we are speaking with the customer of record before such requests will be implemented.

How do I promote my community organization in BELD’s newsletter?

The Community Bulletin Board section of BELD’s monthly online newsletter for residential customers, Bright Ideas, provides free listings for events sponsored by local non-profit organizations. Information must be submitted by the 5th of the month before the newsletter is mailed—for example, the listing of an event scheduled for December 15 would appear in the November issue, the deadline for which is October 5. Contact us for more information.

How do I contact BELD’s Municipal Light Board?

BELD’s Municipal Light Board usually meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 5 p.m. in our Potter Road offices. These meetings are open to the public, so if you are interested in attending, please call 781.348.1011 or email to confirm the date and time.

You can also click on a name to send an email to Anthony L. Agnitti; James P. Regan; or Thomas J. Reynolds.

Are BELD’s electric and broadband operations kept separate?

Yes. BELD’s broadband division is completely separate from its electric division. The cable and Internet services come under this “broadband” umbrella.

When do I qualify for the senior discount from BELD?

When you reach the age of 65 you are qualified for BELD's senior discount.

My autopay took more than my statement said that I owed?

If your billing cycle ends on the 5th of the month, but your autopay is set to deduct payment on the 20th, any changes made to your account in between that time will show up on your bill. If your autpopay is set to deduct the total amount due, then it will include the extra charges made in that time (i.e. pay per view) and your payment will be more than your total amount due was at the end of your billing cycle. Or, if there is a credit or adjustment made during that time your payment will be less than the total original amount due on the 5th.

Additional charges or adjustments may include:
• Pending adjustments
• Pending orders
• Usage charges such as toll or long distance including international calls, pay per view or video on demand

How long can I view my online bill for?

You will be able to access your previous 18 months of your bills online. In the past we could only offer one year back but with the new website we are able to keep 18 months worth of bills for you to view.

Why didn't you just merge my old account information into the new BillPay system?

Merging your information into the new system could introduce a security issue due to the encryption process while transferring your data. We would never incorporate any type of security breach of your personal information. The only way to be 100% secure is to destroy all old information and have you register new accounts on our new system. We are sorry for the inconvenience but we are sure you understand.

What is a CVV Number and how do I find it?

what is a cvvVisa, Mastercard, and Discover cardholders: Turn your card over and look at the signature box. You should see either the entire 16-digit credit card number or just the last four digits followed by a special 3-digit code. This 3-digit code is your CVV number / Card Security Code.

When trying to make a payment, it wont find my account

With our new bill pay system, you have to have a total of 9 numbers when it asks for your account number, so if your account is only 6 numbers long you must add three 000 before the account number. For instance if your BELD account number is 123567, you must make it 000123567. 

account number


How can I edit or delete a scheduled payment on the Customer Portal page?

If you need to delete or edit a scheduled payment, simply click on the pencil next to the schedule details and you can edit as needed. 

Edit payment

Paying your bill online; cancellation and refund policies

Electric: According to the Rules & Regulations of Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD), the application form provided by BELD includes information the Department deems essential to supply service to the applicants. The customer remains responsible for all electricity usage until a final bill has been issued as provided under Article 403 (Section 201). Forty-eight (48) hours notice is required to disconnect existing service.

The customer shall be liable for service taken until BELD receives and confirms notice of termination and until the meter is read and disconnected. The bill for service rendered up to the date of termination will be labeled "final bill" and is payable upon receipt (Section 403).

Broadband: Customer may cancel service at any time by calling or writing to BELD Broadband, and returning BELD Broadband equipment promptly. BELD Broadband reserves the right to terminate service if bill is not paid when due and after termination notices have been sent. Service may not be assigned or transferred without BELD Broadband's written consent. Customer agrees that if the equipment is not returned in good condition immediately after termination of this agreement, the customer will be liable to BELD Broadband for an amount equal to the value of the equipment. Because this equipment allows customer to continue to receive cable television service, customer will be liable for continuing monthly charges until the equipment is returned. The customer is responsible for the full value of the converter in the event that said converter is stolen/lost/damaged by fire or flood during the time of this agreement.

What is the CVV code and why is it needed for online bill payment?

The Credit Card Validation (or Verification) Value is the extra three- or four-digit code that appears on your credit card. This extra security measure ensures you have physical possession of the credit card. At this time, eBill requires the three-digit CVV code for Discover card users only. It appears after your credit card number on the back of your card in the signature area.

I'm looking for a unique but practical gift. Any ideas?

Yes—consider giving a BELD gift certificate! You can purchase certificates in any denomination, and they can be used toward paying any electric or broadband bill. Contact us for more information.

I keep getting an error message when I type my account and phone numbers into the Electric Billing page. I know I'm using the correct information, so why is this happening?

The account and phone numbers you are entering do not match the numbers in our records. Please contact us to verify your information.

Can someone else in my household register to view the account information that I view?

Yes. However, we require a separate email address for each registration.

Can I store my credit card or bank account information for future payments?

For security reasons, we do not allow you to save this information to the website. We do store this information at BELD if you sign up for preauthorized payment.

Can I link my electric and broadband accounts to one profile?

Yes. As one of our added features, you now can link the two so you only have to log in once to view your information, make payments, or sign up for paperless billing.

What is a “kilowatt hour”?

Electricity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kwh). One kwh = 1000 watt hours. For example, one kwh is the amount of electricity used to light a 100-watt lightbulb for 10 hours.

Electricity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kwh). One kwh = 1000 watt hours. For example, one kwh is the amount of electricity used to light a 100-watt lightbulb for 10 hours.

How can I figure out how much energy an appliance uses?

Multiply the wattage (w) of the appliance by the number of hours of operation (hr), to get the watt hours (whr): w x hr = whr
If the appliance is on for less than an hour here are some quick conversions:
15 minutes = .25 hrs
30 minutes = .50 hrs
45 minutes = .75 hrs

Then divide the total by 1000 to get kilowatt hours or kWh: w X hrs = whrs/1000 = kWh

BELD’s rate is approximately 8.5 cents per kWh, so multiply the kWh total by $.085 to get the cost: kWh X $.085 = cost of running appliance

Finally, don’t forget to multiply your total by 30 to get a monthly total. Here’s the complete formula:

_______w X _______hrs =______whrs/1000 =______kWhr X .$085 = $______cost

And here are some examples:
Running one 100w light bulb for 10 hours
100w x 10 hrs = 1000whrs/1000 = 1 x .085 = $.085 or 8.5 cents.

Running a 750w space heater for 3 hours a day for a month
750w x 3 hours = 2250whrs/1000 = 2.25 x .085 = .10125 x 30 = $3.04

Using two 1500w hair dryers for 15 minutes a day
1500 x .25 375/1000 =.375 x .085 = .032 (per dryer/per day) x 30 =.96 x 2 = $1.92

You can use this formula for anything with a known wattage except things that cycle on and off, including refrigerator/freezers, air-conditioners, de-humidifiers, dryers, etc.

Will BELD trim my tree branches?

BELD does not trim customers’ trees. BELD’s tree trimming service—Asplundh Tree—will only trim the trees that are on town-owned property, not private property. If a branch from a tree on a customer’s property is dangerously close to our power lines, the branch will be trimmed.

I noticed that a streetlight is out. What do I do?

When calling BELD to report that a streetlight is out, please provide us with the location and the pole number. The number is located on the white tag on each pole. This saves time for our linemen locating the pole, enabling them to fix the light faster.

How much notice is required when a customer moves in or out of a location?

A 48-hour notice is ideal. This enables us to issue the necessary forms to have a meter reading done to activate or discontinue a customer’s account.

What is AMI?

AMI stands for Advanced Metering Infrastructure. It is proven technology that will enable BELD to maintain costs in a variety of ways, including reading electric meters remotely without having to physically visit them.

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How does AMI work?

As a customer uses electricity, an electronic module located inside the meter records the usage. This module transmits the usage data through a wireless communication network to our office to be integrated into our computer system. 

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How will AMI benefit me?

AMI should eliminate estimated meter readings and aid in outage notification and service restoration. 

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Will AMI service interfere with my radio, telephone, computer, television, phones, wireless internet access, invisible fence or other equipment?

We have no evidence to suggest that this will occur. The transmitting device operates in compliance with FCC regulations in a licensed spectrum to avoid interference with other electronic devices. The AMI system operates for short periods of time at a low-power frequency reserved for this purpose and should not interfere with other equipment.

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Is my account information secure on my AMI device?

Yes. Only meter readings and meter identification data are transmitted over a secure gateway to our office. The AMI system does not interact with, or transmit, personal customer information.

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Who can I contact if I have additional questions about AMI?

If you have additional questions about this advanced meter project, you can contact us at 781.348. BELD (2353) or via email at

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How do I set the time display on the cable box?

On the remote, Press Menu, Press OK/Select to go to the Main Menu, Move cursor to Setup on the TV screen, Press OK/Select. Go to Cable box Setup, Press OK/Select. Change the Front LED Display to read Current Time with the right Cursor Arrow on the remote, Press the Exit button on the remote to exit out of the menu.

I need help with my Vu-It TiVo service.

Please check our Vu-It support page for any questions you might have.

What are the coax cable specifications?

RG6, Quad-shield Cable

I have a message on my screen that says “This channel should be available shortly.” What does this mean?

This screen will appear when you tune to a channel that is currently not available.  If the channel is not available after 15-30 minutes, unplug the cable box from the power for 60 seconds, check the cable connections and plug the box back in. If the message is the same after you power back on the box, contact us.

Why is there no sound on the TV?

Press MUTE on the remote control to restore volume level.  Check the connections on the back of the cable box and the TV. Check the audio setting on the cable box: press the menu button, go to main menu, go to Setup, go to Audio setup: choose optimal stereo and hit the OK/select button to optimize.

We have also discovered this problem sometimes occurs when you turn your tv on while recording two programs at once, in most cases if you flip to your other recording it may resolve the problem. If that doesn't work you may have to stop the recording or power off the cable box (of course if you turn off the box or stop the recording, it wont be available for you to access later.) Sometimes the best solution is to just wait until the recording is finished (normally at the top of the hour —depending on the program you recorded), once the recording is complete the sound will come back on.

Why won’t my remote control respond when I press a button?

Press the CBL button on the remote to make sure it is in cable mode.  If the remote is still not functioning correctly, press the CH button on the front of the cable box.  If the channel changes, then there is a problem with the remote control.  The batteries or the remote control itself may need to be reprogrammed or replaced.  If the channel does not change at the cable box itself, power the cable box off and then on again.  If the cable box still does not respond, try unplugging the cable box from the power and plug it back in again after 60 seconds.

Why does the guide read ‘To be announced’ on all the channels?

This situation can happen if there has been a power failure or if the cable box was unplugged.  Make sure everything is plugged in again and running.  After plugging it in again, wait 30 minutes as the channels and program data start to fill in. Check your cable connections.  If the problem persists, set up a service call.

What should I check if I have no video, a snowy picture or I cannot tune to any of the digital channels?

Make sure all cable connections are secure and that the TV is tuned to the correct input (Channel 3 or HDMI or component).  Also make sure you are actually controlling the cable terminal (press the CBL button on the remote control).

How do I set parental locks?

Press Menu on the remote, Press OK/Select to go to the Main Menu, Go to Setup, Press OK/Select.  Go to Parental Control Setup, Press OK/Select.  Create a Locks PIN and confirm the number.  You will then see a screen which will allow you to put on a lock by pressing the OK/Select button on a rating for a movie or TV show (such as TVMA or Movie R) or to put a lock on a channel. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to select each channel or rating you want to lock and simply Press the OK/Select button on the remote control.  Press the Exit Button on the Remote to exit the menu.  To remove the parental lock, enter the PIN number on the Parental Locks menu.  If you forget your PIN, you must contact us to have it reset.  All PINS will be cleared and once reset, you will need to enter a new PIN to activate the parental locks again.

DVR: Can I record Video on Demand and Pay Per View programs?

Video on demand cannot be recorded with the DVR.  You may record Pay Per View programs for personal use.

DVR: Can I make a VHS tape or DVD of a recorded program?

You can copy a recorded program to a VHS or DVD tape by playing a recording from the DVR in real time while simultaneously recording on your VCR or DVD.

DVR: Can I set up my DVR to record every episode of a specific program title?

Yes. Your DVR lets you record multiple episodes of a program according to your preference by setting up a Series Recording. Select the episode type to record, such as first run only or all episodes. Specify how many recordings to save and how long to save the recording—until you erase it or until space is needed. To access advanced series setup features, like adding minutes to the start or end times specifying which channels to record, select the Recording Options Icon to review all options.

DVR: How will I know when I’m almost out of recording space?

An on-screen notice will appear advising you when recording space is low (80% full) or full.  If you are recording a program and run out of recording space, the recording will stop.  You can always see how much recording space is available from My Recordings.  You can also manually delete recordings or set your DVR to automatically delete recorded programs when space is needed.

DVR: How long can I keep my recordings?

You can keep them as long as you want.  Just remember, the recording space is limited, so you may need to delete some recorded programs from time to time in order to make room for new ones.

DVR: Only part of my program recorded on my DVR. Why?

If the beginning of the program did not record, you may have set it to record after the program began.  If the end of the program did not record, the DVR may have reached its storage capacity before it was able to record the entire program.

DVR: How many hours of programming can I store on my DVR? What is the hard drive capacity?

The recording capacity depends on the video format that is being recorded.  Your Dual Tuner DVR can record up to 90 hours of standard definition programming or up to 20 hours of high-definition programming.  The hard drive capacity is 120GB.

How do I perform a channel/auto scan?

Remote channel scan

If you are missing channels or don’t see any channels on your TV without a cable box, first verify that:
1. All of the cables are physically connected to the TV straight and snug by hand.
2. The device is turned on.

The below attachment has detailed instructions on how to perform a channel scan.

How do I perform a channel/auto scan?

My Cable box is frozen

A digital cable box is like a personal computer in many ways, and could freeze from time to time. If so, you may need to reboot it. Please follow the instructions below to reboot your Scientific Atlanta or your Samsung HD digital cable box:

• Unplug your cable box from either the wall outlet or the box itself.
• Wait 2 minutes and plug it back in. The reboot process may take 3-5 minutes.
• During the reboot process, the cable box may display a series of numbers, characters or letters.
• When the front panel on the digital cable box displays the time, the reboot is complete.
• Turn on your TV and cable box. There may be a slight delay while the menu screen loads.

DVR: How do I record using my DVR

• Press the Record button on your remote at any time while you are watching a program to being recording. An overlay will appear on your screen to let you know that yo have started recording.

• From the TV listings grid, highlight the show you want to record and press the Record button on your remote.

• From any program information screen, highlight the Record icon and press the OK/Select button on your remote to schedule a recording. Follow the on-screen prompts for additional recording options.

•Manually schedule a recording for a specific time or channel:
   Press the Menu button on your remote to access the quick menu and select the DVR icon. Or, press the My DVRbutton on your remote, if available.
• Select Set a Recording.
• Select the start time, end time and day that you want to record, then press Confirm.
• In the channel list that appears, select the channel to record from.
• Select Record to confirm your settings or select Recording Options for additional options.


How do I set the time on my cable box?

Press the menu button twice, scroll down to setup and hit OK (you might have to go down to the next page to find setup) then go to the 2nd choice down CABLE BOX SETUP and hit OK,  then it will show Front LED Display, that will be set to Current Channel, Press the arrow on your remote control to the right once and it will say Current Time, now just press EXIT on remote control and you will be back to your program and your time will be displayed.

I was notified of Copyright Infringement?

In some cases we get notice of infringement by copyright holders that one of our IP addresses may have copyrighted material illegally, it is our policy to act immediately, in less that one business day. We call you and try to work with you and resolve any possible issues. We do not disclose subscriber data to any governmental or private entity without having first been provided with an appropriate warrant, subpoena, or directive from the Department of Homeland Security.
BELD Copyright Infringement Policy

I have no Internet connection

InternetFrom time to time, you may experience a loss of Internet connectivity. This is typically a condition that you can easily fix yourself if you follow these steps.

Are your other BELD Broadband services currently working?
If you're experiencing a problem with other BELD services there may be an outage in your area, best place to check for outages is our Facebook or Twitter pages, the main page of this website, or you can always call our HelpDesk line 781.348.2353 for more information. If there is an outage our phones lines are going to be very busy and our social media outlets would be the fastest way to get the information you need.

Check Here for a step-by-step to reset your modem

I am paying for X Mbps speed but ________ speed test site says I am getting less!

We invest a ton of money in equipment and bandwidth to make sure you have the best Internet experience practicable, but we are delivering a shared best-efforts service, just like our competitors. You are sharing bandwidth with people in your neighborhood. We have tested extensively and believe that with rare exceptions, the bandwidth we deliver meets or exceeds expectations but we do not guarantee speed. Here at BELD Broadband we do everything we can to meet or exceed expectations, but the nature of distributed control of the Internet itself combined with variables in customer equipment prevent us from making a guarantee.

Furthermore, the speed you get is affected by factors outside of BELD’s control. Wireless routers, especially in suburban and urban areas where multiple networks can be seen, deliver notoriously slow speeds that are far slower than their specifications would suggest. Many home routers can’t pass traffic faster than 20 Mbps, especially the older ones, even with directly wired connections. Likewise, once your signal leaves BELD, it is outside of our control. The average connection to a site on the Internet traverses twelve routers owned by eight different companies before it gets to its destination and often travels hundreds if not thousands of miles.  We have absolutely no control over the condition and congestion of the routers and lines of companies such as AT&T and Level 3.

Then, the servers to which you attach also have limits. If a particular server can only respond at 100 Mbps and 100 people across the Internet are using it simultaneously, no matter how fast your connection is through BELD, you won’t see speeds faster than 1 Mbps.

Here at BELD Broadband we do everything we can to meet or exceed expectations, but the nature of distributed control of the Internet itself combined with variables in customer equipment prevent us from making a guarantee. 

If you have frequent problems with poor Internet performance, please contact us for troubleshooting because certain physical problems with the cables or cable modems can cause those symptoms.

I am running a critical business over the Internet and it’s imperative that I never lose my connection. Is it wise to do this?

No. Cable modem (and competing FiOS-type) services are not designed for the level of fault tolerance needed for open-heart surgery, managing nuclear power plants, or operating weapons systems. We put a lot of effort and money into making our connections as reliable as possible, but a car could swerve, hit a utility pole and take out your connection in a heartbeat. Furthermore, other than voice traffic, we do not prioritize packets on our system. Because of this, your movements of a remote scalpel have the same priority on our system as someone downloading Aunt Mabel’s recipe for fried chicken.

I can’t send/receive an email containing a very large attachment.

We set a limit of 10 MB on the size of attachments that can be sent to or from our subscribers (attachments in webmail are limited to 6 MB). Considering the millions of spam emails we receive daily, if someone were to send us 10,000,000 emails, each with a 4 GB attachment, our ability to process email at all would be shut down because our servers only have so much disk space. These sorts of attacks were very common until ISPs learned their lesson the hard way. The 10 MB limit represents a compromise that allows for most ordinary uses without leaving us especially vulnerable.

To transfer larger files you can use a variety of methods, including using an FTP client (such as filezilla) to put your files in your personal web space. If you don’t want to do that, there are a number of free and paid file sharing services on the Internet.

Help! I’m not getting important email from XYZ Company!

The most common reason for missing email is a bad address: someone isn’t typing your address correctly. Another common reason is that the email is in fact being received, but it is going into your local spam or trash folder. 

But what if these two reasons aren’t the cause?

BELD Broadband receives about 9 million spam emails daily for our 3,000+ internet subscribers. We have to employ spam scanning methods in order to weed some of that out, otherwise our average customer’s email would quickly become useless because of being inundated with spam. It’s not practical to employ human beings to scan that much email and any method that we use with a machine will sometimes error. So we try to eliminate as much spam as possible while allowing through the true email.

We subscribe to a so-called “blackhole” list of IP addresses that have sent spam. If someone sending you email is on one of these lists, we won’t be able to receive their email until they have been removed. It is very common for someone’s computer to be hijacked to send spam without their knowledge—the process just runs in the background. If someone has been blocked from sending you email because they are on a blackhole list, they will get a bounce notice from us explaining which lists they are on, and how to contact that list to be removed. Most certainly they should update any virus scanning software, etc.  before doing so.

Another thing we do is “greylisting” we deny the first attempt to deliver email, and require the sender to try again. Usually this introduces only a one minute delay and isn’t noticed. But mail from some companies, can be delayed for as long as twelve hours as a result of the programmed retry interval of the server sending you email. 

We also impose inbound sending limits of 200 emails for any 60-minute period. This is measured by total number of addressees, so four emails to 51 people, one email to 201 people, or 201 emails to 201 unique individuals would all exceed this quota. If this threshold is exceeded, we refuse to receive further email from that source for an hour.

One of our most successful (and most inconveniencing) techniques for eliminating spam is called “Sender/Recipient Address Verification.” Because a lot of spam comes from addresses that don’t actually exist, by verifying the existence of an email address before accepting inbound email it, we eliminate millions of spam emails weekly. The downside of this technique is that a lot of legitimate email comes from addresses. We have been running this system for several years, and as customers inform us of legitimate domains sending email from such addresses, we specifically exempt them from the list. If you are missing important email and none of the above reasons explains why, contact us and we can get that domain exempted in short order.

Additionally any emails with a blank subject, using an incorrect character set or deviating from Internet standards isn’t accepted and we send a message to the sender explaining why so the sender can solve the problem.

Finally, we run Spam Assassin software to examine email, and assigns it a score based on font size, graphics, links and so forth. If the score is high enough, the software decides that it is likely to be spam, labels it as such and sends it to your inbox. Many customers set up an automatic filter that sends such mail to a folder or their trash bin. If you aren’t getting an email and you’ve set up such a rule, check those locations.

How do I configure settings for my phone service?

There are several settings for your phone account that you and manage yourself, call blocking, call forwarding, number of rings before going to voice mail, etc.. All of these settings are in our phone portal, just login with the information given to you at install and you can check email and configure all of the settings you wish. We have selected the most common options for you already, so you don't HAVE to edit these —its only if you want custom settings.

All of a sudden, I am unable to make an international call, is there a limit on international calls?

To protect customers from large-scale fraud, instances and charges, there is a fraud protection script in place.  The script monitors all international long-distance calls – if five or more calls are attempted in a five-minute interval the script will shut down international calling for that user until the call  information can be verified.  The frequency can be increased for users who make more international call attempts than a typical user.  Also some countries are considered “high-fraud” areas and are blocked unless specifically requested by the customer.

Can I change my password or username for the phone account web site login?

Your password can be changed on the Profile page when you log in to the phone account web site.  Forgotten passwords can be emailed to you if you entered a Password Recovery email address on that same Profile page. Contact us to change your username.  Note: Stored voicemails will be lost when your username is reset.

My phone service is not working. What should I check?

Phone service is dependent upon a strong Internet connection. Check your telephony modem for an online light and see if you can get online with the computer. Some incoming and outgoing calls can be prohibited by the use of Advanced Features, such as Do Not Disturb and Anonymous Call Rejection. Ensure all features are properly set if you are having problems with incoming or outgoing calls.

What is the cause of choppy calls and is there anything that can be done to fix this?

Choppy calls are usually caused by high latency or packet loss.  These symptoms can be caused by ISP problems, outside/inside wiring problems or heavy bandwidth usage (i.e., online gaming or file sharing).  Your ISP can determine if there are any line or device problems by checking the signal to the EMTA device and suggesting an Internet speed test.-Cordless phones can also be a source of choppy calls. Try using another phone.-Static on the line can be caused by a loose plug, so check all your phones, cords and jacks.-Dropped calls are often the result of an interruption to your Internet connection or ISP problems.

Can calls be erased from the call log?

No, calls are archived for three months.

If I add someone to my call block list, what will the blocked caller hear when they call me?

The caller will hear a message stating “the party you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time” when your number is dialed.

What is the maximum length of a voicemail message?

The voice mailbox allows up to a total of 10 minutes of voice messages. Once the mailbox gets to 10 minutes, all new messages will be blocked.

Will my phones work while I'm on the Internet?

Yes. Voice over Broadband calls are always given first priority over Internet browsing or downloads. What's more, BELD Broadband Digital Phone customers get an extra 128 Kbps upstream speed from their connection.

Will my phone work if my computer is down?

Yes. As long as your BELD Broadband connection is powered on and active, your BELD Phone service will work.

Will my freeze alarm work with BELD Broadband's phone service?

There are several compatibility issues between freeze alarms and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. Many alarm dialers are designed to operate over an analog phone line. Transmitting alarm calls over a VOIP line requires the information to be converted to digital and then back to analog, during which problems can occur. Second, a VoIP line runs on power to the house. Unless you have an uninterruptable backup power supply, your alarm dialer will be unable to make any calls if the power is out at the home. And finally, VoIP services tend to be prone to technical issues and dropped calls. As a result, we don't recommend customers with freeze alarms use BELD Broadband's phone service.

Will I need to purchase additional equipment to use BELD Broadband Phone?

A digital phone adapter is required in order to use BELD Broadband Phone. These adapters are available either for purchase or lease.

Will BELD Broadband Phone work with security systems that run through the phone line?

Phone customers can have these types of security systems, but BELD Broadband does not support them or any other device used in conjunction with our service.

Why do my collect calls always fail?

BELD Broadband's phone provider does not support Third Party Billing (i.e. collect calls).

What is Voice over Broadband?

Voice over broadband (also called Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP) is a telephony technology that uses the Internet to carry phone signals. VoIP brings phone and data technologies together with new features and capabilities, such as the ability to automatically forward voicemail via email.

What is a "MOS score"?

The MOS, or Mean Opinion Score, is a numeric measure of the sound quality at the receiving end of a communication circuit. The score is normally between 1 and 5 with 5 being the best. BELD Broadband's MOS score is 4.3.

What is "latency"?

When speaking of digital phone, latency is the time it takes a spoken word to reach its destination. Cordless and inexpensive phones seem to increase latency.

Sometimes when I hang up my phone at the end of a call, it immediately rings again. What's happening?

Your home may have a wiring issue, or you may have too many phones with a high Ring Equivalency Number (REN). This number represents the "load" that a phone places on the line. Old phones have high RENs and new phones have low RENs. If the total RENs for the phones attached to an EMTA is too high, the adapter will not be able to support the phones. You can find the REN value on the bottom of your phone. To determine if your phone is ringing back due to a high REN total, eliminate one phone and see if the issue persists.

Is there any brand of phone that will not work with BELD Broadband Phone?

Some customers have reported issues with older-model Panasonic phones. Also, there have been reports that the touch-tone feature on VTech brand phones does not work properly (when trying to access voicemail, for example).

If I am soft disconnected for nonpayment will the 911 feature still work on BELD Broadband's Phone service?

Yes, you will still be able to dial 911 and the BELD Broadband office even if you have been soft disconnected for nonpayment.   When you dial 911, you will reach an appropriate emergency call center.

I use pre-paid phone cards now. Is BELD Broadband's Phone service any better?

Pre-paid calling cards use unreliable "grey routes" instead of tier 1 routes. These grey routes have a limited number of trunks, causing calls to ring busy instead of patching through. In addition, these cards often charge connection fees, and some make you use the entire amount on the card at one time. As a result, you end up spending more than you had anticipated.

How many lines in a home can the BELD Broadband EMTA handle?

BELD Broadband's EMTA can handle up to four lines.

How long does it take for installation?

Programming BELD Broadband Phone is done off-premises and the physical installation takes very little time. The only delay is in retaining your existing phone number. Porting over your number usually takes about 10 business days. If you are obtaining a new phone number, there is no delay.

How good is the sound quality of BELD Broadband Phone?

You may not be able to hear any difference between BELD Broadband Phone service and your traditional phone service. Voice over broadband technology is stable, reliable and vastly more economical than traditional phone technology, and because your calls travel over BELD's dependable network, you can rest assured they'll receive the same attention as your Internet communications. Many long-distance providers already convert their calls to voice over broadband for cost savings, so it's likely you've already experienced this technology without realizing it.

How does voice over broadband work?

Using voice over broadband, phone calls are passed over the BELD Broadband network to an Internet Protocol (IP) phone switch, and then to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The basic call itself is broken down into digital packets for transmission and put back together at the other end. Management of this transmission and timing for arrival of the packets and reassembly is the key to successful voice over broadband. Compression and transmission techniques and the continual increase in bandwidth are rapidly removing quality as an issue for Voice over Broadband calls.

How do I move my phone number from my current phone service provider to BELD Broadband?

A BELD Broadband Customer Service rep will fax a Letter of Authorization (LOA) with your signature to a third-party that handles the porting (moving) of the phone number. Alternatively, you may choose third-party verification. While you are on the phone with the CSR placing your order, you will be asked to confirm your phone number, name and address to authorize the release of the number.

Can I call a 900 number using BELD Broadband Phone?

No, the 900 number feature has been disabled.

Can BELD Broadband's Phone service handle faxes?

Yes, although there is not a distinctive ring feature for incoming faxes. You may need to disable any auto-correct fax machine settings when using a fax machine on a VOIP line.

Can anyone is my household sign the Letter of Authorization (LOA) form to port our phone number?

The LOA must have the account holder's signature.

Can a router be used with the EMTA (Internet and phone service)?

Yes. You set up a router on an EMTA the same way you would on your cable modem.