Frequently Asked Questions - Cable TV

How do I set the time display on the cable box?

On the remote, Press Menu, Press OK/Select to go to the Main Menu, Move cursor to Setup on the TV screen, Press OK/Select. Go to Cable box Setup, Press OK/Select. Change the Front LED Display to read Current Time with the right Cursor Arrow on the remote, Press the Exit button on the remote to exit out of the menu.

I need help with my Vu-It TiVo service.

Please check our Vu-It support page for any questions you might have.

What are the coax cable specifications?

RG6, Quad-shield Cable

I have a message on my screen that says “This channel should be available shortly.” What does this mean?

This screen will appear when you tune to a channel that is currently not available.  If the channel is not available after 15-30 minutes, unplug the cable box from the power for 60 seconds, check the cable connections and plug the box back in. If the message is the same after you power back on the box, contact us.

Why is there no sound on the TV?

Press MUTE on the remote control to restore volume level.  Check the connections on the back of the cable box and the TV. Check the audio setting on the cable box: press the menu button, go to main menu, go to Setup, go to Audio setup: choose optimal stereo and hit the OK/select button to optimize.

We have also discovered this problem sometimes occurs when you turn your tv on while recording two programs at once, in most cases if you flip to your other recording it may resolve the problem. If that doesn't work you may have to stop the recording or power off the cable box (of course if you turn off the box or stop the recording, it wont be available for you to access later.) Sometimes the best solution is to just wait until the recording is finished (normally at the top of the hour —depending on the program you recorded), once the recording is complete the sound will come back on.

Why won’t my remote control respond when I press a button?

Press the CBL button on the remote to make sure it is in cable mode.  If the remote is still not functioning correctly, press the CH button on the front of the cable box.  If the channel changes, then there is a problem with the remote control.  The batteries or the remote control itself may need to be reprogrammed or replaced.  If the channel does not change at the cable box itself, power the cable box off and then on again.  If the cable box still does not respond, try unplugging the cable box from the power and plug it back in again after 60 seconds.

Why does the guide read ‘To be announced’ on all the channels?

This situation can happen if there has been a power failure or if the cable box was unplugged.  Make sure everything is plugged in again and running.  After plugging it in again, wait 30 minutes as the channels and program data start to fill in. Check your cable connections.  If the problem persists, set up a service call.

What should I check if I have no video, a snowy picture or I cannot tune to any of the digital channels?

Make sure all cable connections are secure and that the TV is tuned to the correct input (Channel 3 or HDMI or component).  Also make sure you are actually controlling the cable terminal (press the CBL button on the remote control).

How do I set parental locks?

Press Menu on the remote, Press OK/Select to go to the Main Menu, Go to Setup, Press OK/Select.  Go to Parental Control Setup, Press OK/Select.  Create a Locks PIN and confirm the number.  You will then see a screen which will allow you to put on a lock by pressing the OK/Select button on a rating for a movie or TV show (such as TVMA or Movie R) or to put a lock on a channel. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to select each channel or rating you want to lock and simply Press the OK/Select button on the remote control.  Press the Exit Button on the Remote to exit the menu.  To remove the parental lock, enter the PIN number on the Parental Locks menu.  If you forget your PIN, you must contact us to have it reset.  All PINS will be cleared and once reset, you will need to enter a new PIN to activate the parental locks again.

DVR: Can I record Video on Demand and Pay Per View programs?

Video on demand cannot be recorded with the DVR.  You may record Pay Per View programs for personal use.

DVR: Can I make a VHS tape or DVD of a recorded program?

You can copy a recorded program to a VHS or DVD tape by playing a recording from the DVR in real time while simultaneously recording on your VCR or DVD.

DVR: Can I set up my DVR to record every episode of a specific program title?

Yes. Your DVR lets you record multiple episodes of a program according to your preference by setting up a Series Recording. Select the episode type to record, such as first run only or all episodes. Specify how many recordings to save and how long to save the recording—until you erase it or until space is needed. To access advanced series setup features, like adding minutes to the start or end times specifying which channels to record, select the Recording Options Icon to review all options.

DVR: How will I know when I’m almost out of recording space?

An on-screen notice will appear advising you when recording space is low (80% full) or full.  If you are recording a program and run out of recording space, the recording will stop.  You can always see how much recording space is available from My Recordings.  You can also manually delete recordings or set your DVR to automatically delete recorded programs when space is needed.

DVR: How long can I keep my recordings?

You can keep them as long as you want.  Just remember, the recording space is limited, so you may need to delete some recorded programs from time to time in order to make room for new ones.

DVR: Only part of my program recorded on my DVR. Why?

If the beginning of the program did not record, you may have set it to record after the program began.  If the end of the program did not record, the DVR may have reached its storage capacity before it was able to record the entire program.

DVR: How many hours of programming can I store on my DVR? What is the hard drive capacity?

The recording capacity depends on the video format that is being recorded.  Your Dual Tuner DVR can record up to 90 hours of standard definition programming or up to 20 hours of high-definition programming.  The hard drive capacity is 120GB.

How do I perform a channel/auto scan?

Remote channel scan

If you are missing channels or don’t see any channels on your TV without a cable box, first verify that:
1. All of the cables are physically connected to the TV straight and snug by hand.
2. The device is turned on.

The below attachment has detailed instructions on how to perform a channel scan.

How do I perform a channel/auto scan?

My Cable box is frozen

A digital cable box is like a personal computer in many ways, and could freeze from time to time. If so, you may need to reboot it. Please follow the instructions below to reboot your Scientific Atlanta or your Samsung HD digital cable box:

• Unplug your cable box from either the wall outlet or the box itself.
• Wait 2 minutes and plug it back in. The reboot process may take 3-5 minutes.
• During the reboot process, the cable box may display a series of numbers, characters or letters.
• When the front panel on the digital cable box displays the time, the reboot is complete.
• Turn on your TV and cable box. There may be a slight delay while the menu screen loads.

DVR: How do I record using my DVR

• Press the Record button on your remote at any time while you are watching a program to being recording. An overlay will appear on your screen to let you know that yo have started recording.

• From the TV listings grid, highlight the show you want to record and press the Record button on your remote.

• From any program information screen, highlight the Record icon and press the OK/Select button on your remote to schedule a recording. Follow the on-screen prompts for additional recording options.

•Manually schedule a recording for a specific time or channel:
   Press the Menu button on your remote to access the quick menu and select the DVR icon. Or, press the My DVRbutton on your remote, if available.
• Select Set a Recording.
• Select the start time, end time and day that you want to record, then press Confirm.
• In the channel list that appears, select the channel to record from.
• Select Record to confirm your settings or select Recording Options for additional options.


How do I set the time on my cable box?

Press the menu button twice, scroll down to setup and hit OK (you might have to go down to the next page to find setup) then go to the 2nd choice down CABLE BOX SETUP and hit OK,  then it will show Front LED Display, that will be set to Current Channel, Press the arrow on your remote control to the right once and it will say Current Time, now just press EXIT on remote control and you will be back to your program and your time will be displayed.