Frequently Asked Questions - Billing

When do I qualify for the senior discount from BELD?

When you reach the age of 65 you are qualified for BELD's senior discount.

My autopay took more than my statement said that I owed?

If your billing cycle ends on the 5th of the month, but your autopay is set to deduct payment on the 20th, any changes made to your account in between that time will show up on your bill. If your autpopay is set to deduct the total amount due, then it will include the extra charges made in that time (i.e. pay per view) and your payment will be more than your total amount due was at the end of your billing cycle. Or, if there is a credit or adjustment made during that time your payment will be less than the total original amount due on the 5th.

Additional charges or adjustments may include:
• Pending adjustments
• Pending orders
• Usage charges such as toll or long distance including international calls, pay per view or video on demand

How long can I view my online bill for?

You will be able to access your previous 18 months of your bills online. In the past we could only offer one year back but with the new website we are able to keep 18 months worth of bills for you to view.

Why didn't you just merge my old account information into the new BillPay system?

Merging your information into the new system could introduce a security issue due to the encryption process while transferring your data. We would never incorporate any type of security breach of your personal information. The only way to be 100% secure is to destroy all old information and have you register new accounts on our new system. We are sorry for the inconvenience but we are sure you understand.

What is a CVV Number and how do I find it?

what is a cvvVisa, Mastercard, and Discover cardholders: Turn your card over and look at the signature box. You should see either the entire 16-digit credit card number or just the last four digits followed by a special 3-digit code. This 3-digit code is your CVV number / Card Security Code.

When trying to make a payment, it wont find my account

With our new bill pay system, you have to have a total of 9 numbers when it asks for your account number, so if your account is only 6 numbers long you must add three 000 before the account number. For instance if your BELD account number is 123567, you must make it 000123567. 

account number


How can I edit or delete a scheduled payment on the Customer Portal page?

If you need to delete or edit a scheduled payment, simply click on the pencil next to the schedule details and you can edit as needed. 

Edit payment

Paying your bill online; cancellation and refund policies

Electric: According to the Rules & Regulations of Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD), the application form provided by BELD includes information the Department deems essential to supply service to the applicants. The customer remains responsible for all electricity usage until a final bill has been issued as provided under Article 403 (Section 201). Forty-eight (48) hours notice is required to disconnect existing service.

The customer shall be liable for service taken until BELD receives and confirms notice of termination and until the meter is read and disconnected. The bill for service rendered up to the date of termination will be labeled "final bill" and is payable upon receipt (Section 403).

Broadband: Customer may cancel service at any time by calling or writing to BELD Broadband, and returning BELD Broadband equipment promptly. BELD Broadband reserves the right to terminate service if bill is not paid when due and after termination notices have been sent. Service may not be assigned or transferred without BELD Broadband's written consent. Customer agrees that if the equipment is not returned in good condition immediately after termination of this agreement, the customer will be liable to BELD Broadband for an amount equal to the value of the equipment. Because this equipment allows customer to continue to receive cable television service, customer will be liable for continuing monthly charges until the equipment is returned. The customer is responsible for the full value of the converter in the event that said converter is stolen/lost/damaged by fire or flood during the time of this agreement.

What is the CVV code and why is it needed for online bill payment?

The Credit Card Validation (or Verification) Value is the extra three- or four-digit code that appears on your credit card. This extra security measure ensures you have physical possession of the credit card. At this time, eBill requires the three-digit CVV code for Discover card users only. It appears after your credit card number on the back of your card in the signature area.

I'm looking for a unique but practical gift. Any ideas?

Yes—consider giving a BELD gift certificate! You can purchase certificates in any denomination, and they can be used toward paying any electric or broadband bill. Contact us for more information.

I keep getting an error message when I type my account and phone numbers into the Electric Billing page. I know I'm using the correct information, so why is this happening?

The account and phone numbers you are entering do not match the numbers in our records. Please contact us to verify your information.

Can someone else in my household register to view the account information that I view?

Yes. However, we require a separate email address for each registration.

Can I store my credit card or bank account information for future payments?

For security reasons, we do not allow you to save this information to the website. We do store this information at BELD if you sign up for preauthorized payment.

Can I link my electric and broadband accounts to one profile?

Yes. As one of our added features, you now can link the two so you only have to log in once to view your information, make payments, or sign up for paperless billing.