Love BELD? Tell someone and get $25!

Help spread the word about BELD Broadband

For every new cable, Internet and/or
phone customer you refer to us, you’ll get a $25 credit on your broadband bill. Save up to $100 a year!

Conditions of eligibility: When an existing BELD Broadband customer refers a new customer, the existing customer will receive a $25 credit on his/her broadband bill after the new customer maintains service for 30 days. Referral award paid is $25 per customer, not $25 per broadband service. The new customer must not have been a previous BELD Broadband subscriber within the previous six months. A customer can receive credits for up to four new customers during a one-year period.

Simply fill out the attached form, call 348.BELD or contact Customer Service for further details and to sign up.