Do you know where you're paying your bills?

When paying your bills online, please make sure you are on the correct website.

One of our customers called today asking why her payment wasn’t received as she made payment last week. After some research we discovered she’s not using our own Online BillPay website, she’s using a third-party payment processing company. 

With these types of services you sign up, create an account, and can pay your online bills (including BELD) all in one “easy” place. These websites even use company branding and contact information to make it look like its affiliated with us. It’s important to be aware with such services that there can be (and usually is) a delay between the time you make the payment and the time we receive it. This delay can be as long as several weeks, which in turn can cause late fees or the forfeit of early pay discounts. We have also read reviews where utilities have never even received the payments from these types of payment processing companies.

We highly recommend paying your bill with OUR secure site, not a third party site that we have no access to or control over. If the address isn’t or then it’s not a BELD website and we suggest you do not provide any credit or bank information. 

Please be safe when shopping online. Here are some tips from