Spring solar outages 2018

Satellite-based communication is affected by sun interference which is caused by the sun passing directly behind a geostationary satellite as seen from a receiving earth station. Depending on the receive antenna size, its efficiency and the frequency band used, this interference can cause degradation in quality of service or a complete service outage.

For several minutes each day for several days during the equinox season (February/March and September/October), the sun passes through the equatorial plane which is used by geostationary satellites. At these times, the apparent path of the sun across the sky takes it directly behind the satellite making it appear in the beam width of a receive earth station’s line of-sight. 

1-Mar-18 -13:23 6 minutes

2-Mar-18 -13:21 8 minutes

3-Mar-18 -13:21 9 minutes

4-Mar-18 -13:20 9 minutes

5-Mar-18 -13:21 8 minutes

6-Mar-18 18:23 13:23 4 minutes