Privacy Policy

Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) is committed to protecting our customers' privacy. The information we collect is only used to process orders, service our customers and meet legal and regulatory requirements.

  • BELD does not share, disclose or sell any personally identifiable information collected at this site with other companies or organizations.
  • BELD uses security techniques to protect customers' personal information. When you are paying online, your personal and credit card information is encrypted to a secure server.
  • Our server recognizes your domain name and our pages that you visit. This data is gathered for quality control and for the improvement of our site. We also collect information that you provide to us on surveys and registration pages, as well as your e-mail address, so we can respond to your inquiries.
  • We disclose information only where we are required to do so by applicable law, regulation or court order.

Paying your bill online

Cancellation and refund policies:

According to the Rules & Regulations of Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD), the application form provided by BELD includes information the Department deems essential to supply service to the applicants. The customer remains responsible for all electricity usage until a final bill has been issued as provided under Article 403 (Section 201). Forty-eight (48) hours notice is required to disconnect existing service.

The customer shall be liable for service taken until BELD receives and confirms notice of termination and until the meter is read and disconnected. The bill for service rendered up to the date of termination will be labeled "final bill" and is payable upon receipt (Section 403).

Customer may cancel service at any time by calling or writing to BELD Broadband, and returning BELD Broadband equipment promptly. BELD Broadband reserves the right to terminate service if bill is not paid when due and after termination notices have been sent. Service may not be assigned or transferred without BELD Broadband's written consent. Customer agrees that if the equipment is not returned in good condition immediately after termination of this agreement, the customer will be liable to BELD Broadband for an amount equal to the value of the equipment. Because this equipment allows customer to continue to receive cable television service, customer will be liable for continuing monthly charges until the equipment is returned. The customer is responsible for the full value of the converter in the event that said converter is stolen/lost/damaged by fire or flood during the time of this agreement.