Phone support

VoiceServiceDigital phone is different from your standard analog phone in the way signal arrives to your home. Unlike the copper wires that connect your home to the Central Office by direct current voltage, BELD uses its fiber optic network to transmit your voice on a digital carrier.

Because we use digital technology to transmit the voice signals, your internal phone wiring may not work well. Most homes in Braintree have traditional two-pair wire that is often more than 30 years old. Although this wire will work with BELD Broadband phone we recommend you use a cordless phone to connect to BELD Broadband’s network. Cordless phones have improved over the years and you can now purchase units with up to four handsets using one frequency. This eliminates the in-house wiring and ensures your new phone service will be problem–free.

Our phone service does everything you expect and you can keep your existing phone number. You can call everyone you call today, with no difference between your local and long-distance phone providers. BELD Broadband requires you to use a touchtone phone, and we recommend a phone that has caller ID display and a FLASH button. Although you can access all the basic features of our service by phone, you can access even more via the Internet if you visit

Managing your account
You can manage all the basic features of BELD Broadband phone using your voicemail personal identification number, which the BELD Broadband customer service representative provided you when you registered for service. You can manage advanced features via the website using your phone customer login and website password, which you selected when you signed up for service. Please download the BELD Broadband Phone User Guide for any questions you may have.

BELD Voice User Guide

Using a computer and the Internet is not a requirement for you to use BELD Broadband phone