Phone service from a local company you know and trust. You have a choice in phone service providers but none can match our professional installation and unparalleled customer service. BELD Broadband voice service connects your calls using your high-speed Internet connection, not a traditional phone line, saving you money and offering you more options. BELD phone service can be installed even if you have a home security system, we only require you run a test through your alarm company at the time of install, we want to make sure everything is 100% before we leave.

BELD Broadband phone is the perfect complement to our Internet service. When you combine the two, you’re guaranteed superior phone service because your calls travel our own network and never over the crowded public Internet. Internet traffic for BELD Broadband Phone customers--whether it's voice or data--is always prioritized. What's more, BELD Broadband phone customers get an extra 128 Kbps upstream speed from their connection.

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